The story of the renewal of Elephant and Castle
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The area around the final station on the Bakerloo Line is in the process of a deep infrastructural change. The transition focuses on new roads and real estate. However, changes may also bring an impact on the present and future situation of local communities. As a daily commuter to Elephant and

The Elephant and Castle is magical. Located in the heart of London in the London Borough of Southwark, with a proper street market, a great dance centre and the prominent creative university London College of Communication across the road from the station. The area had terrible

Regeneration plans worth £3 billion are currently revitalise Elephant and Castle. We set out to explore the Elephant in early February 2016 to document the changes. From the doom and gloom of the shopping centre to the vibrancy of the Artworks Elephant box park, and everything in between,

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