The story of the renewal of Elephant and Castle

The Elephant’s shadow: In search of social juxtapositions

Is it possible for “worse” to be better?

This is a question that currently enjoys prominence in London as the city, or at least its governors, continue their love affair with private multi-national construction companies. With an ever-changing landscape, which can alter someone’s journey to and from the local tube station daily, Elephant & Castle has become an epicentre for London’s regeneration.

However, when regenerating an area, there will always be a specific time frame where new and old clash. This allows for the creation of social juxtapositions, which in Elephant & Castle, represents how working class people currently fear that they may soon be unwelcome in their own area. As seen within featured photographs, the locals of Elephant & Castle have been forced to live in the shadow of their own home.


  • Landscape view of Elephant and Castle from St.Mary's Churchyard
    The Elephant and Castle skyline as seen from St.Mary's Churchyard
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