The story of the renewal of Elephant and Castle

New versus old: the rising tide

Elephant and Castle is going through a major regeneration plan.

New buildings have already been made and many construction businesses are working across the area.

In a few months the landscape that everyone has got used to will completely change.

Elephant and Castle is different from any other part of zone one in London.

It still maintains the features of an old borough with its inner city communities and with residents who have lived here for many decades.

In just five years, the regeneration will lead into a process of typical depersonalisation, where residents will move out and communities will be dismembered.

Now, there is an amazing contrast between old council buildings and skyscrapers and luxurious residences which emphasise the speed of the works, and also how sad this area will be without the soul of its people.

  • Contrast of an old residential building with the new luxurious Strata SE1. The real first step of the new Elephant and Castle.
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