The story of the renewal of Elephant and Castle

March 2016

  Although some days may be dark and gloomy in the city, Elephant and Castle is bright and colourful due to its diversity. The Elephant and Castle area is one big melting pot. I’ve encountered so many people from different backgrounds. No-one ever looks the same here. In order

To some, Elephant and Castle is well known for its beautiful public art, especially in the underground subways. Since the regeneration, the subways are now closed up, along with the art. With the regeneration still proceeding, I decided to travel around Elephant and Castle, searching for the remaining public

Elephant and Castle is going through a major regeneration plan. New buildings have already been made and many construction businesses are working across the area. In a few months the landscape that everyone has got used to will completely change. Elephant and Castle is different from any other part of

If you’ve been passing by Elephant and Castle recently, you’ve probably noticed a lot of construction work. The area is regenerating. In this film people share their views on gentrification, based on the example of the trendy Shoreditch in East London. Is Elephant and Castle the next

Elephant and Castle once a vibrant area, has now found its way to the bottom of the spectrum. The Artworks Elephant is a new and growing creative hub in the heart of Elephant and Castle which is built within recycled shipping containers. Street food and drinks, local, creative

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