The story of the renewal of Elephant and Castle

Creating the Piccadilly of South London

Elephant and Castle, located between Westminster and City, two of the most prestigious and developed areas in London, has historically never attracted a lot of investment.

Due to cuts in budget and lack of money, some believe the area has been one of the least attractive in central London.

But the new redevelopment project has promised that the area is about to be reborn.

The developer Lend Lease is planning to build 2,500 new homes, a landmark skyscraper, a smart leisure centre and a new university campus.

Even though there might be some inconvenience for local residents and businesses, the indicators are showing that mainly people love the idea of rejuvenated Elephant and Castle.

Even though there are a lot of hopes for the area, I took a walk around the centre of Elephant and Castle to see how the changes are going to affect it, and how much inconvenience is caused by the construction.


  • To begin with, the warning signs “New Road Layout Ahead” are on every road leading to the famous Elephant and Castle roundabout.

For the meantime, we are looking forward for a soon recreation of the Piccadilly Circus of the South, as it was used to be called in the past.

The new redevelopment plans suggest a lot of modern buildings, which mean that prices in the area are going to increase.

This fact may affect the local residents, who might have to leave.

The demolition of the iconic shopping centre might be an end of an era.

But London is a huge city which is constantly striving for improvement and progress. So let’s hope that a compromise will be found for everyone.

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