The story of the renewal of Elephant and Castle

The legend, past and present

The Elephant and Castle is magical. Located in the heart of London in the London Borough of Southwark, with a proper street market, a great dance centre and the prominent creative university London College of Communication across the road from the station.

The area had terrible misfortune to be regenerated twice. Once in 1960s to convert its residents into modern car-driving citizens, and again today to reprogramme them into the kind of latte-supping pedestrians you see on architects’ drawings.

Despite all the changes, the area continues to blossom.

The slideshow showcases how the demolition of the Elephant and Castle has changed the borough and its famous university, market and historical buildings.

  • The Legendary Elephant and Castle -The Elephant and Castle prominent market never fails to supply its regular customers with fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, the bargain system works just well with super deals such as £1 for a bowl of ripe strawberries or get two bowls with three apples for free.
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