The story of the renewal of Elephant and Castle

Bakerloo bust-up or commuter calm

The area around the final station on the Bakerloo Line is in the process of a deep infrastructural change. The transition focuses on new roads and real estate.

However, changes may also bring an impact on the present and future situation of local communities.

As a daily commuter to Elephant and Castle I decided to go and investigate the positive and negative sides of the £3bn regeneration project.

  • View from the London College of Communication tower, 14th floor. A clear image of the new concept introduce by London planners. The area in front of the south-side tube station, is closed for cars (right hand side of the picture). The classic roundabout concept, present for more then a century, changed into to a ''U'' system giving more space for walkers and cyclists. The regeneration is still on its way.


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